The Founder

Thomas, aka Thom Lauper, COO

With his vast experience in shotcrete and all related matters, earned from 30 over years working in the industry with companies like Sika-Aliva, BASF-Meyco, Fosroc, Shotcrete Technologies Philippines and others, Thom founded the company to: 

- offer the highest quality equipment to affordable pricing, including a founded commissioning and training of client’s operators to be 

- offer advice and consultancy to projects applications, advanced mix designs, economical alternatives etc. 

To facilitate a smooth application, ThomFix Inc. not only supplies best suited equipment but also takes into consideration all local circumstances, availabilities etc.! ThomFix Inc. is well aware that time is of essence in the mining/construction industry. Thus, the company assures clients of timely deliveries to reasonable and competitive price. Being in a lean organization enables Thom and his dedicated staff to be fast, efficient and economical in decisions, solutions and customer service. 

If you have everything under control, you may not be fast enough!  M. Andretti

Lasparsan Equipment

Vision, Mission and Core Values


We, Thomfix Inc., a wholly Filipino-owned company, through revolutionary innovations, aims to promote the benefits of shotcrete, rock fall protection and anchoring procedures as an alternative to the traditional process which results to environment-friendly, cost-efficient and reliable building method. 


Our mission is to provide to our clients and partners the best quality products and services through safe, reliable, and efficient techniques specially developed to achieve work excellence resulting to customer satisfaction and productive partnership.

Core Values:

Integrity – We do what is right!

We demonstrate integrity through our Business demeanors and dealings and relations not only with colleagues and employees, but particularly our clients and partners in the industry.

Innovative – The only thing that is constant is change – Heraclitus

We anticipate and identify changes in both Construction and Mining Industry. Thus, we come up with new solutions through continuous study and improvement of our products and methods, equipment and labor to ensure total satisfaction of our clients and partners.

Safety, Social Development and Environmental Responsibility – We Care!

We care about our people’s safety, thus, we lead by example. We recognize the hazards in the industry that is why we follow safety protocols and procedures to ensure our employee’s safety.

We treat our people as family. We vision that as the Company grows, our employees treat each other not just mere employees but also friends and family who we can trust!

We care about the environment and the future generations. We, through our people’s innovation and care about our planet, will strive to find solutions to any environmental challenges. We live in one planet; our children’s children will live on this very same planet. We must protect it!

Permits and Registrations

SEC Registration

BIR Registration

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