SDI self drilling anchors

Marini Drill Rig, on scaffold or wheels

Drilling equipment

TFI is specialized in soil nailing, earth- and rock-anchoring, with a solid fleet of equipment and tools. Our Rock-Drills are Epiroc (Atlas Copco), all our rod and drill bits are Epiroc and Acedrills and Dywidag. We are happy with the performance of Acedrills bits and Dywidag, integral or tapered bits, they are of high grade and durable in usage. ThomFix also represents self-drilling anchor-rods from Dywidag SDI.  

TFI can also offer the latest rigs in DTH Drilling with hydraulic drill Rigs. ThomFix is using exclusively Marini Drilling Rigs from Italy and can also act a distributor for all the Marini equipment.