Polypropylene Macro Fibres

ThomFix Inc is the sole distributor of these products in the Philippines.

TFI 48/65

Technical Data

Minimum Tensile Strength Modulus 550Mpa
Fiber dimensions 7500 Mpa
Melt Point L= 48.65 mm
T= 0.55 – 0.6mm
Density W=1.3 – 1.4mm 170
Melt Flow Deg C 0.92 g/cm2 3.5
Acid and Alkali Resistance Excellent
Moisture content 0%
Appearance White embossed


  • 5 kg boxes
  • 1200 – 1300 kg/palette
  • 12’800 Kg / 20’ container

Typical dosage

The dosage depends on the projects specification. However, the minimum dosage is 3.5 Kg/m3.

Typical tunneling application is 5-7 Kg/m3.


The fibers can be added with the box and wrapping into the concrete mix. Paper and plastic wrap will dissolve within seconds.

The fibers are dispersed evenly.

Customized dimensions upon request.